Patient Decision Aids

Patient Decision Aids

Patient Decision Aids are short, animated videos. They are available online and to download from our dedicated password-protected website. These shared decision aids educate patients about their condition and treatment options, including a prognosis around no treatment.

The objectives are to improve the patient experience and the flow of patient information, ensure there are no surprises (manage expectations), and save you time and reduce surgical conversion rates by ensuring only patients who are ready, willing and able to have surgery are referred. The aids also align with the NHS objective of engaging patients in shared decision making and they start the process of informed consent.

The videos can be watched repeatedly, at a time and place that suits patients. This both frees up time for GPs and surgeons, and also allows patients to better understand what in many cases is a very important decision.

The videos are scripted by a team of specialist medical writers and reviewed by members of our Clinical Board before production.

Case study

Dorset CCG commissioned us to produce three different Patient Decision Aids covering hip, knee and cataract surgery.
Joint replacement surgery. The results – CCG perspective
  • 14% reduction in arthroplasty procedures, generating savings of £1.5m annually
  • Currently developing a shoulder pain decision aid

Results – a patient’s perspective

Of the over 1000 patients that answered both questionnaires before and after watching the Patient Decision Aid video, around 75% changed their mind to some degree. From a sample of the patient feedback below we can see that many were convinced that other treatment options should be tried before considering Total Knee Replacement.

“Was very informative and made me hesitate as to whether I really need a knee replacement at this time. Thank you for making this video and helping me make a decision to wait a bit longer.”


“Lots of good information presented in a clear and concise manner, thank you.

The information has made me think about trying another method first and talking to my GP or Consultant.”


“A useful video which gives a lot of helpful facts. The pros and cons are well explained and certainly helped me to consider how to proceed, the answer to which is now to wait till my symptoms become significantly worse.”


“Definitely more confident in my decision.  With the information provided I need to return to my GP to manage the pain before progressing down the replacement route.  As stated in the film, I am one of those reluctant to go on stronger pain relief.”