Informed Consent App

Informed Consent App

This App improves patients’ informed consent journey, helps surgeons comply with the law and reduces the risk of future litigation. It forms the basis of our risk management platform.

Why use our Informed Consent App?

Using our dedicated consenting application offers users maximum flexibility, as well as a friendly interface that’s available 24/7 on all handheld devices, tablets and home computers.

The application offers other important benefits to patients and doctors:

  • Allows patients to record any questions or concerns they may have at any point in the process. These can be answered in a timely way while the consent conversation is recorded
  • Educates patients about the importance of informed consent, their legal rights and responsibilities
  • Enables patients to complete the informed consent process at home in a relaxed environment
  • Keeps a complete audit trail of informed consent
  • Offers an embedded patient/shared decision aid to ensure a patient has considered all the options
  • Surgeons can add risks affecting individual patients when inviting them to use the app
  • Surgeons can add specific comorbidities for individuals that might increase their risk of certain complications 
  • Surgeons have their own dedicated portals so they can approve the content their patients will use
  • Tracks patients’ progress throughout the process, including how long they spend on each section
  • Uses content approved by a Board of surgeons, giving users confidence in its integrity
  • Written in plain English
  • Retains a detailed record of the above process and information exchange securely.

A word about the technology

Data Encryption at rest/transit

SSL Certificate

AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority –These HSMs adhere to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 security standards to securely store the keys for your private CA

2 factor authentication can be used